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Great Data, Unparalleled Safety, Consistent Deliverables

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United Tower Alliance Inspections

From Orlando to Omaha to Oakland and everywhere in-between, we’ll provide consistent data produced by people who know wireless.

We provide the first and only nationwide service to address all your tower inspection needs.

Keep your people safe, reduce climbs, and make sure your assets are profitable. We provide local solutions to national problems.

More Than Just Drone Pilots

We’re Local

You already know us and trust us. How is this possible? We work with top tier local companies in your area. Essentially we are national flight coordinators. This means our on the ground inspectors have already worked on your tower or know somebody who has.

They know what they’re looking at. They already have approved access to the site. They know how to access the towers and who to talk to. Already having a working relationship to tower landlords expedites the process substantially.  And decreases safety and liability issues substantially.

UTA Flight Academy Graduates

Better Training Builds Professional Operators. We take career telecommunications technicians and quantify drone operators. Other companies try to get drone operators to understand intricate telecommunications.

Our UAV pilots’ training begins where everyone else’s ends. Our pilots must first complete their FAA part 107 licensing before they’re even admitted to our UTA FLIGHT ACADEMY. After graduation they undergo currency training that far exceeds government standards.

Our operators are safer, more reliable, and are able to use the best available technology to full capacity. And remember – they’re all local career telecommunications experts so they already know what they’re looking at.


Actionable Data

We Set the Standard 

Our tower inspections set the standards for deliverables. You won’t get a few pictures of a bird nest along with some shaky footage and no context. We provide actionable data.

We have a better way to deliver your data with visualizing content anywhere, anytime. The modular platform removes complexity on analyzing and classifying content. Experience the UTA difference with reduced project time and automate the classification, management, and delivery of your data.

It’s Easy to Work with Us

Step One:

Call us or fill your information out in the Schedule a Flight form.

Step Two:

We create your custom work package with your guidance and set up a work schedule.

Step Three:

A UTA member pilot performs the work at your tower, and uploads the results for you to review.

Why We're Better

Expert Pilots

Our pilots are telecommunications experts. Their training starts where everyone else’s stops.

Better Tools

Access is never a problem. We can get there first, because we are equipped. Once we’re there we use the best drones in the industry.

We’re Local

You already know and trust us. All of our pilots are telecommunications experts that live and work in your area.

Emergency Responders

Call us 24/7/365. Anywhere in the country, with local response times and regional recognition. When disaster strikes we’re there before anyone.

Actionable Data

We give our clients the most comprehensive actionable data in the industry with immediate deliverability.


Our network of UTA Pilots is comprised of countless decades of telecommunications experience. We’re way bigger than just drones.